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When people are discussing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), global reach is the most common concept that comes in the discussion. In reality, SEO will contribute a lot to your business exposure in the local market. For example, you’ve launched a startup in Malaysia, and it has run for almost three months now. Your SEO strategy will be to acquire the top SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) in SEO Malaysia first. Your company has to target specific keywords that can generate organic visitors to your site from where your startup is based.

That is one example of SEO strategy we are going to discuss here. Read below for further details!

Get a Business Listing the Right Way

google map logoHaving a website alone is not enough to make people aware of your company. You have to manage how your business is listed on Google. A business listing can be created by either yourself, your clients, or anyone who gets interested in putting your company’s profile on Google. The problem is that duplicates are often overcrowding your real address, and it discourages your potential clients from working with you.

Therefore, Google your company’s name once in a while. See if there are duplicates or fake names resembling yours that can potentially harm your enterprise. Also, don’t forget to add a map, phone line, and any other details that match with the ones on your official page. Don’t leave any discrepancies.

Acquire Organic Reviews

a smartphone on top of a keyboardReviews build your customer trust, indeed. However, you must not be tempted to buy online reviews as they can be harmful in the long term. They may provide temporary boosts to your site’s traffic, but they will rarely generate real customers. What you should do instead is to encourage your clients to write their thoughts on your service with their valid google accounts.

Moreover, testimonies, in the form of comments on social media, will also improve your company’s credibility. Do not forget to reply or respond to all the engagements you receive on those platforms. People don’t like business accounts which are inactive and irresponsive.

Create Local Content with Link Building

A business’s page that has no content will be very tough to promote. SEO is all about interconnectedness and relevance. Hence, make a list of other firms that are still within your professional niche and create content that can relate to those topics. For instance, let’s assume your speciality is in auto insurance. You can select among legal firms, auto bloggers, auto repair services, and even news outlets to be your link building partners. Choose the ones with high domain authority so that you can get your page some leverage.