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Tips for Easing Repetitive E-commerce Tasks

The use of robots has made it easier when performing repetitive tasks. They are an ideal option for shop owners who are operating online stores. Robots are well designed to replace or speed up human work. You can use them to perform repetitive tasks that are important in your business. The time spent on checking sales report, inventor and other important details have greatly been reduced. They are effective in controlling stock, managing social media and analyzing sales. This article is going to highlight key areas where in demand-robots are widely used.

Sales and inventory reports

Alexa is one of the super robots that is used on Amazon. You can install it on your device to get detailed reports on your pending orders band stock levels. Apart from inventory sales and orders, it can be used in other areas that require detailed attention. Sales data is an example of such areas.

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Trust Numbersbot is another useful robot that is used in gathering weekly sales figures as well as sending current suggestions and reports through Telegram or Facebook Messenger. In addition to this, it is also be used in analyzing the average basket value. This refers to those days that you sold the least and the most number of items.

Remarketing and social media management

You should use your social media accounts to post fresh content about the new products or your business. This is the best method of engaging your customers. Some of them may forget you if you are not consistent with this. The use of Social Share Bot can help you in managing the social media. It is capable of sharing your blog and website content on various social sites.

ShopMessage is another great bot that is used by those shop owners who are dealing with abandoned cart. It is helpful in converting them into sales. It works by sending personalized messages to the customers informing them of those items that have been left in their shopping carts. It can also bring your customers back to your site or offer them discounts.

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Data gathering and email marketing

Kit is a robot conversion that is capable of creating Facebook campaigns, updating the storeowners with useful suggestions and marketing trends, and sending thank, you emails to the customers. Another useful robot is the Shoppy. It is an effective chatty messaging robot that is capable of answering questions that are relevant to your online stores such as sales figures, stock levels, number of orders and shipment volume.…

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